Welcome to Drone Air

welcome to drone air

Welcome to drone Air

Welcome to Drone Air. We are a dynamic team of aerial filming specialists passionate about capturing the perfect shot. We are committed to delivering the best results for our clients by being attentive to all their needs while adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.

All our pilots have completed their RPL’s. We are fully compliant with all legislation in South Africa implemented by the SACAA. When operating all our pilots adhere to the necessary safety procedures set in place. Safety is of utmost importance to us and crucial for the safe operation of a RPAS. We have PPE and safety equipped available to work in hazardous environments.

Our Pilots carry a VHF Airband radio at all times. We communicate with manned aircraft and air traffic at all times.

We are fully insured for public liability.

Fully licensed aerial filming. Drone Air are insured and 100% compliant.

Operated by Drone Media a division of DC Geomtics (PTY) LTD.

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Operating Area

We are based in Durban South Africa and frequently operate throughout Africa. Please contact for more details.

Welcome to Drone Air and Drones.

Firstly drones secondly  RPAS’s and thirdly UAV’s are a few names that are commonly used to refer to drones. There are different categories of drones. Multirotor and fixed wing and vertical take-off are a few types. Drones also use various forms of power namely the most common being battery power. All the drones that Drone Air uses are battery powered. Some Drones are be powered by a combustion engine or Hydro fuel cell or tethered. A Tethered drone is a connected to the ground via a cable that supplies power to the drone thus allowing it to stay in the air for an extended amount of time.

Drones also use also a combination of power sources. Popular combination of power sources is combustion engine and conventional battery power in addition there is a combination of both battery and combustion. In conclusion drones are always improving and above all making our life easier.