Aerial Drone Projects

Aerial Drone Projects

This is our Aerial Drone Projects Blog. Below is a collection of some of the projects we have done in the past as well as some information on drones. Here at Drone Air we are passionate about drones and all aspects of them. We enjoy building and flying them in turn giving us a comprehensive understanding of the systems that make drones fly. Drone Air has had the privilege to be a media partner for AAST Adventures allowing us to capture spectacular aerial media from around the world.

Filming in Lesotho

Maseru Lesotho Sunset


Malawi Sunset

DroneAir in Iceland

Northern Lights

Drone Ship Photography

Drone Cargo Ship

National Parks

SAN Parks Drone

Japan Drone

NKR Japan World Japan

Nambia Drone

sand dunes, Namibia, drone footage, aerial photography

King Shaka Drone



COVID-19 Durban DAP-15

SArdine Run


Clients we have worked with

Aerial Drone Projects

Drones of ours have been flown in a number of situations furthermore challenging permission requirements. With firstly our reputable name obtaining the required permissions has became easier. We have the biggest footprint of skilled pilots across the country. Our pilot network has a wealth of skills and certainly experience.Above all we always put the clients first.

With the right amount of time for planning we can certainly operate in most of South Africa. Approved Drone Pilots.

Firstly drone operations in South African National Parks.

Secondly UAV operations in private game reserves.

Lastly drone operations in controlled airspace