Drone Aerial Videography & Photography


The Drone Air team can offer a range of drone aerial videography & photography services not limited to the below.Our drones can cover construction sites to film sets. We have worked with film crews from around the world and local crews alike.Drone Air takes pride in providing a professional service at all times. If you have a unique project contact us today to see how we can help you.

City high rise buildings


We have provided a variety of Drone Aerial Videography & Photography media to private clients and companies. Aerial footage can be used for marketing purposes, brand exposure and advertising. Aerial media can provide a unique perspective and set you apart from the competition.

drone Industrial Inspection

Industrial Inspections

UAV Industrial Inspections. Industrial inspections are a vital part of industry let us show you how we can fulfill them more efficiently, faster and cheaper using our advanced drones and cameras.

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Construction Site at night


RPAS drones can be used in the construction sector for various applications. Drones can be a invaluable tool in the construction industry they can provide real time data while keeping you up to date and keeping your project on track. They can also be used to obtain spectacular pictures for company publications,media and press releases.

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Orthomasaic maps

orthomosaic mapping

Orthomasaic Mapping. Create large high resolution maps of sites. These maps are made up of a large number of RAW images stitched together. Ortho photos and maps are perfect for sharing between teams.

Inspire 2 drone


Drone Air is able to cover any special event. Drones can provide a unique aerial perspective for events. We are able to assist you in covering a variety of events including – Motorsport events, concerts and sporting events.

City Skyline


Drones can create 360 degree interactive panoramic images similar to those commonly seen on Facebook. The images give the you the viewer the opportunity to explore any part of the area with the ability to zoom in for further detail and allowing you to pan,tilt and rotate the picture any way you like.

DJI Inspire 2 Drifting


We have covered many motorsport events such as drifting, Motorcross, motorbike Enduro races, circuit racing and 4×4 events. The inpire 2 is the best suited drone for motorsport as it have the speed to keep up and in duel operator setup it allows the pilot to concentrate on tracking the subject while allowing the camera operator to perfectly frame the shot.

VR Googles

Live Stream

Live Streaming is becoming increasingly popular for events. Live streaming can grow your audience and provide great exposure and the possibility to monetise the live drone feed by advertising on it. Do you have a action sports event that you require a live feed for ? look no further than Drone Air to provide you with live feed aerial video.

Harbour Ship Photography

We are authorised to fly in Durban Harbour with our drones. Having carried out surveys, inspections and vessel photography. Durban Harbour is classed as restricted airspace and therefore special permission is required to operate a UAV there.
Drones are a perfect fit for carrying out ship inspections.
Over the years drones have become firstly waterproof secondly dust proof and thirdly even bump resident therefore allowing then to be operated in confined industrial areas.
As apposed to traditional time consuming and dangerous methods of inspections UAV’s offer a fast, efficient and most of all safe method of carrying out inspections and surveys.