Cell Tower Inspections

Cell Tower Inspections

Cell tower inspections. Drone Air has some of the countries most skilled technical inspection pilots. We have a country wide footprint of pilots that are able to carry out cell tower inspections nationally. Our strength is in our country wide footprint allowing us to complete the inspections accurately, timely and in addition efficiently saving thew client time and money.

We have the correct equipment on hand namely the DJI M210 and the DJI m600. Specifically the DJI Z30 camera which is presently the camera of choice for inspections. Thermal solutions are also available and additionally other drones being the DJI Inspire 2 and Phantom series.The Phantom and Inspire are perfect for fast cost effective deployment.

Professional drone service company Ryka UAS inspected an unclimbable telecommunication tower in Washington. Assisting in the design of a new antenna mount on the upper rad center. Case studies like this highlight the advantages of using drones to inspect cell towers.

With the Zenmuse Z30 aerial camera and the DJI GO app. Inspectors can use DJiI flight modes to focus on capturing minute details. Without worrying about flying the aircraft. DJI flight modes enable more efficient inspections.

The Zenmuse Z30’s 30x optical zoom lens now allows companies to both stay on the ground and keep the distance between tower and drone, while capturing more detailed imaging data than before. Cell Tower Inspection Case Study.

Drone Tower Inspection
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