Drone Agricultural Survey

drone agricultural survey

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Drone Agricultural Survey

Are you looking for a drone agricultural survey? With the help of multi-spectral cameras drones can be a vital tool in precision agriculture. Drone Air can create real time maps and analyse your crops to ensure smart farming to maximum yields. Drones have come a long way recently from Crop Spraying to NDVI and multi spectral analysis. As margins within farming are getting tighter using aerial data to maximize efficiently will give you the edge. The data will be fast, accurate and therefore actionable. don’t wait till it is too late contact us today for a quote or a demo. Let us show you what we can do.

Software Processing

agriculteral survey

Micasence Cameras

Micasence rededge

Multispectral Images


NDVI Images

Multispectral 2

Charging Stations


We have mobile charging stations to be self sufficient. By constantly charging batteries our drones can stay in the air for as long as required even if it is the entire day. Flying without downtime is important to maintain efficiency.

Backup Drones

Drones in agriculture

backup equipment is a must for any drone operation. Drone air carries a backup drone at all times should an issue arise with our primary drone swapping over will only take a few minutes.

4x4 Equipped Vehicles

Sani Pass

Rough terrain is not an issue. Fully kitted out 4×4 vehicles carry all our necessary equipment thus enabling us to operate in the challenging environments. Our vehicles are kitted out with laptops, charging stations, tables, awnings and chair to make sure our pilots are comfortable on long days

Contact Drone Air today for a free quote or advice our communication channels are always open. Let us show you what our drones are capable of.