Drone Event Coverage

Drone Event Coverage

Drone Event Coverage. Let drone air be your media partner at your next event. We are certified by the CAA to operate at events. With the proper planing drones can safely be used at any event. Are you looking for live stream coverage ?

land Rover 70th Shongweni 1

A collection of Land Rovers. The 70th birthday of Land Rover.

land rover 70th CAD drawing

Drone Air planned the size of the 70 and the number of vehicles to be used.


The DJI Inspire 2 in action at a stage event.


Drone can be flown in and around all stadiums around South Africa.


The South African Aviation Authority has strict regulations on the use of drones at events. An event is considered a gathering of more than 12 people. Whichever operator is used to provide the drone services needs to be approved by the CAA.