Drone Live Streaming Services

Drone Live Streaming Services

Drone live streaming services. We can offer our clients a continues live stream feed from the air.We can provide an output in the form of SDI or HDMI straight to the broadcast van alternatively we can broadcast to a Youtube link.Live steaming is becoming increasingly popular for sports events and live entertainment.

Live events & TV


Search and rescue

M200 search and rescue

Industrial Inspections

Inspection live stream

With the DJI Cendence Remote control we have the ability to output SDI and HDMI in Broadcast mode settings.Combined with the ultra bright Crystal Sky screen  this combination is perfect fro live streaming. We have a specialized long range antenna fitted to make sure there are no breaks in the feed.

DJI Cendence

We have live streamed for many events and live TV. We are highly skilled in smooth drone operation under pressure which ensures a smooth live feed. Our multiple batteries and onsite charging station will keep our aircraft in the air for as long as needed.


Using drones to live stream for use in search and furthermore rescue. With the advantage of being able to add a thermal camera it makes the drone an invaluable tool and in conclusions an effective asset.

There are a wide number of uses for live streaming besides events and TV. Below drones are being used to capture spectacular footage and if the drone is lost the footage is still intact.


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It will be very helpful if you can include the following details:

  • Where is the location?
  • Is there a specific date?
  • What will be filmed or photographed? (a short description please)
  • What will the media be used for? (eg. website related / survey / inspection / live feed / research)

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