Drone Filming Lesotho


Lesotho Drone Laws

At the time of writing Lesotho has no specific drone laws. When flying in Lesotho as always we abide by general aviation safety rules. The South African drone laws can be used as a guideline.

The people of Lesotho were very friendly towards us Drone filming there and furthermore were happy to host us.Drones were able to showcase Lesotho from a different perspective and moreover highlight the Lesotho as the “kingdom in the sky”. Using our drones we were able to establish the location of the cities. with the towering mountain ranges in the background. Aerial media therefore also allowed us to show some of the amazing roads Lesotho has to offer.

We used drones to shoot a few waterfalls in Lesotho. The highlight being the Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong. Maletsunyane falls has the highest commercial abseil in the world at 204 meters.The actual waterfall being 192 meters. With our equipment we were able to get some unique footage of the waterfall.Footage that would not be possible without the use of drones. The waterfall is located in a remote location. We had to use our 4×4 vehicles to get to within walking distance to the waterfall furthermore we then had to walk with our equipment for another hour to reach the top of the falls.filming at this location was challenging.

4x4 Vehicles

We were on location for a total of 5 days. This included traveling from Durban to Maseru via Sani Pass. We used fully equipped 4×4 vehicles. They were setup up for drone filming. The vehicles handled the rough roads in addition to battery charging needs and ability to review any footage. Drone filming is Lesotho has it’s challenges one of them being the roads. Roads in Lesotho are very rough and only manageable with a 4×4 vehicle. Making sure all our equipment was securely packaged and fastened in the vehicle to avoid any damage was a full time job.

Aerial Media Samples

Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong best known for its endless views and highest commercial abseil in the world at 204m

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Below is a short clip of one of our pilots using a drone to capturing a spectacular sunset over Maseru city. Maseru the city in the sky.

Lesotho Facts

80 percent of lesotho lies above 1800 meters and the counties lowest point is 1400 meters.
Lesotho has the highest low point of any independent state in the world as well as being the only country to be entirely above 1000m.
Lesotho has the highest commercial abseil in the world measuring 204 meters over the Maletsunyane waterfall in Semonkong

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As the Sun sets over Lesotho

Drone filming in Lesotho was an great experience. The never ending mountain ranges and windy roads made a beautiful backdrop to film against. We were lucky to have excellent weather for the duration of the shoot. Therefore allowing us to capture that perfect shot. When you are in Lesotho it seems as if you have a view right across the whole country. Lesotho has a vast never ending landscape. The mountains have a silence to them.