King Shaka Airport Drone

King Shaka International Airport

King Shaka Pano

King Shaka Airport Drone. After a large amount of planning we were able to obtain the required approvals to fly a drone and film at King Shaka International Airport. The lockdown due to COVID 19 was the perfect opportunity to capture a unique perspective of the airport. Together with an observer the flights were carried out in constant communications with ATC. The observer keeps a visual on the drone as well as maintain a listening watch.

We conduct aerial operations to monitor the construction progress at the Dube Tradeport on a monthly basis but we have never had the need to fly over the airports passenger terminal

We were an essential service provider. Drone Air and Hellmot Productions were commissioned to provide media for news and broadcasting. South African regulations stated that news and broadcasting is an essential service.

Contact us for any drone operations in areas that require special planning and permission requirements. South Africa has a very strict policy on drone use. Drone operators are required to complete many of the same procedures and training as manned aviation. The advantage of this is that we have the required skills, training and knowledge to be able to operate safely together with manned aviation. We deal directly with the South African Aviation Authority and are always in contact with Air Traffic Control when flying in controlled airspace.


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Contact number: +27 72 412 1788   (South Africa)