LIDAR Drone Survey

LIDAR Drone Survey

LIDAR Drone Survey. Are you looking for a drone survey service ? Drone Air can provide a full service thus giving the client fast, efficient and accurate deliverable data. We have the DJI M600 Pro capable of  lifting a 6Kg payload

DJI M600 with LIDAR sensor
Airborne Lidar Technology
Lidar drone
Lidar of a Forest

LIDAR- (light detection and ranging ) is a remote sensing method that measures ranges when light is pulsed to the earth. In addition to other sensory data a three dimensional model can be formed.

Our sensor will be carried by the DJI M600 Pro drone. With 6 motors and advanced flight controller the aircraft will be able to capture the raw data accurately and efficiently. The DJI M600 is the aircraft of choice to carry high value payloads and are an industry standard.If you would like to know more about our flight systems and our payload capabilities please contact us.


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