Richards Bay Port Drone Operations

Richards Bay Port Drone Operations

Are you looking for a drone pilot in Richards Bay Harbour ? Drone Air is fully certified to  operate in the port of Richards Bay. The port is in close proximity to the Richards Bay airport and is classified as controlled airspace. In addition to controlled airspace the harbour lies within restricted airspace. There is a Transnet helicopter that ferries marine pilots out to vessels and various other air traffic to consider.

Offloading Footage

When specialized or oversized cargo need to be offloaded having aerial media of the operation can be a valuable addition to future marketing. We can offer a cinematic approach and obtain breathtaking footage from the air and ground.

Vessel Inspections

Do you have a vessel that needs to be inspected ? drones offer a safe solution to quickly and effectively carry out an inspection on a vessel. With the addition of thermal imaging the inspection can provide a detailed report of problem areas.

Marketing Media

The port of Richards Bay is situated in a scenic part of South Africa. Drone Air can provide a aerial overview of your vessel in port. Panoramic images can provide a unique large image made up as a number of individual images to create a single image that can be printed onto canvas.


Drone surveys can supply an accurate and detailed survey of an area. We partner with registered surveyors as to provide our clients with certifiably accurate data that can be used effectively. For me information contact us today.

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