TV & Film Productions

TV & Film Productions

Drone air is the professional TV and film operator you have been looking for. Our pilots have rooted experience in cinematography and are experienced at being on set. Our gear is optimised to be fast efficient and portable. With backup gear avalible we will ensure we are always able to be in the air when needed.

Some of the productions we have worked on

Simon Mulholland our chief pilot and cinematographer has been the drone operator for a number of reality productions and documentaries. He is a diverse and adaptable pilot dedicated to providing the best possible work. Let us show you that with the right pilot drones can be a dynamic tool in storytelling and give a unique perspective. Aerial cinematography is being used for more that just establishing shots. Furthermore to bigger drones FPV or racing drones can give an additional angle on filming and provide a different perspective.

We have the gear
Inspire 2 Pro X5s
DJI Matrice 600 Pro
DJI Cendence
Some of our clients


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