Aerial Ship Drone Photography

Aerial Ship Photography

Aerial Ship Drone Photography. We frequently fly in all the South African harbours and additionally ports. We use only certified firstly pilots and secondly drones.Approved to operate in all South African Harbours. Popular ports are firstly Richards Bay secondly Durban Harbour and lastly Cape Town. To operate in the port there are a strict conditions that need to be met to obtain the approval to operate a drone. TNPA imaging approval required Additionally the Harbour Master needs to be informed of the flight. In Restricted Airspace additional permits have to be obtained from the South Africa Cival Aviation Authority (SACAA).

The Port helicopter needs to be considered when flying in the harbours. The helicopter transports the marine pilots while flying at low altitude. Constant communication with Maintaining radio communications via VHF radio is vital for safe operations in the harbour. The port helicopter has to be available and secondly the Air Traffic Control.

Drone Cargo Ship
Drone Cargo Ship 03
Drone Cargo Ship

Authorised to fly in Durban Harbour we are the team you are looking for. Aerial Ship Drone Photography. Having carried out surveys, inspections and vessel photography. Durban Harbour is restricted airspace and therefore special permission is required to operate a UAV there. Drones are a perfect fit for carrying out ship inspections.

Over the years drones have become firstly waterproof secondly dust proof and thirdly even bump resident. Therefore allowing them to enter confined industrial areas without any issues. As apposed to traditional time consuming and dangerous methods of inspections UAV’s offer a fast, efficient and most of all safe method of carrying out inspections and surveys. Richards Bay – Durban – Cape Town

Safety & Compliance

Drones in construction

Some of the safety and mitigation factors include:

  • Constant VHF Radio communications with manned aircraft.
  • Full PPE.
  • TNPA Safety induction.
  • Observer present at all times.
  • TNPA Imaging approval.
  • SACAA Airspace approval.
  • Harbour Master approval.

Ship Inspections

Drone Air can carry out a variety of vessel inspections. Additionally maritime inspections. we have a fleet of specialised UAV’s. Allowing us to go where humans can’t. Before humans were the only option for inspections. Today another option is drone technology furthermore as there are technological advancements the drone applications are becoming more diverse. looking for industrial inspections ? Drone Air has an industrial inspection division available to service your needs.