Drone Inspection Services

Drone Inspection Services

Drone Industrial Inspections

Drone Inspection Services. We are able to utilise drones to do a range of industrial inspections.Roof Inspections, Tower Inspections and Building Inspections. Using UAV’s to obtain inspection data offers a safer option and improved turn around time. For the capturing of the raw data drones are a viable option. Our highly skilled and experienced pilots will ensure the data is obtained in a reliable and safe operation. Let us show you how. Contact us today for a demo. We are fully legal & licensed therefore allowing us to be insured.We are confident drones can improve your workflow.

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Cell Phone Tower

Cell Tower Inspections

Tower inspections using drones. A common tower inspection undertaken using drones is Cell Phone towers. With the use of thermal and RGB cameras our drones can provide a comprehensive data set. providing the client with fast actionable data.

Drone Rooftop Inspection

Roof Inspections

Remote rooftop inspections. Our drones can be used to remotely view and inspect any rooftop. Typically a dangerous and longer process when done using personnel. Often requiring ladders and ropes. Drones make roof inspections simple as well as efficient and safe.

Wind- Farm

Industrial Inspections

Drone Air can advise on the correct drone and payload to use.Depending on your industrial inspection needs therefore supplying the right tool for the job. Our expert pilots will ensure all our flights are carried out to the highest safety standards.

DDJI M200 rain

The DJI M200 is a drone capable of handling the most demanding inspections. With high performance motors in addition dual batteries and after that a tough design. In conclusion the DJI m200 is always up for the job.

Using the Flyability Elios a collision proof drone we are able to carry out inspections where conventional drones won’t be able to operate.

The Ellios has a RGB camera as well as a thermal payload and at 400mm wide it is able to fit into tight spaces. It is also radiation resistant. The collision proof drone can simultaneously live feed full HD as well as a thermal image. If you would like to know more about the Ellios.

The DJI inspire 2 is our most versatile drone for inspections.
We are able to operate the camera gimbal independent of the drone.The pilot has his own FPV video feed. This enables him to watch where is is flying.  The camera operator can concentrate on framing and getting the required shot.

This also means that the operation can be done in a safe manner as the pilot just had to only control the aircraft.

The DJI inspire 2 can carry different payloads. Firstly the X4s camera secondly the x5s camera thirdly the x7 camera. Flir range of thermal cameras can also be fitted.

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