Drone Surveying and Mapping

Drone Surveying and Mapping

Drone surveying and mapping is an important part of most projects.We have a registered surveyor to enable us to provide an accurate aerial drone survey. Are you looking for a LIDAR Survey ? have a look at our dedicated LIDAR Survey page.

Deliverable Data Outputs

• Colour Scan
• Point cloud file, georeferenced and stitched together in .laz or .xyz format
• Orthographic image of entire scanned area in colour
•  High density scan

• x/y referenced contour lines in .dwg
• contour lines correct elevation

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DJI M600 with Lidar sensor

We have the DJI M600 capable of carrying the Lidar sensor.

DJI m600 lidar
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Ground Control Points

With the addition of ground control points we can create an accurate referenced survey.

ground control survey

We are the professionals you have been looking for. Drone Air has a dedicated team to provide actionable and furthermore accurate deliverable data. Drone have revolitionised the way surveys are done we can do them faster and more cost effected while maintaining the same accuracy.

drone in construction
Stockpile Volumes
Survey Map
drone project progress
Grid Flight plan
drone grid survey
Drone Survey Case Study


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It will be very helpful if you can include the following details:

  • Where is the location?
  • Is there a specific date?
  • What will be filmed or photographed? (a short description please)
  • What will the media be used for? (eg. website related / survey / inspection / live feed / research)

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